Security redefined.

LongPass Online


Easy Security.

Most tools are complicated, expensive or dumped with adware.


Now there is LongPass.


An innovative approach to password generating.


Giorgiana Arghire

Simple to use.

Enter a master password. This password is unique and you shouldn't forget it.

Then, enter the specific password for a service.

At the end, just click "Long It!" and click in the desired password field.

That's all!

If you want more security, enable "One PC" mode - it generates a specific password based on your PC.

LongPass Online.

Now you can generate your passwords easily also online!

On LongPass Online you can type in your Masterkey, desired Platform and generate a secure Password!

LongPass Online is also perfect for your Smartphone or Tablet!

Download now.

In this table are all available downloads listed, inclusive the version of the program and the version of the algorithm. If a algorithm updates, you can generate old passwords with a old version.

Version Algorithm Download SHA 256 Requirements
1.2 1.0 Download d444e6427c41e9ef80a3c49ffacc038389cf5f09f0f5eb15f4acf7f84dea4992 -
1.3 1.2 8d3437c7578ff622228b9d82dfaedb8b87852dda9baade2681956ed130944b58 .NET > 4.5
1.3.1 1.2 Download 93ed6d1be56da068a7e21fbe0cf85c60f924c537dc5faec0d2f714901c3a82b8 .NET > 4.5

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