Policy for Publishers



We love our Software.

Respect that with our new policy.

Distribution License September 2015

You are a Download Platform / Portal?

This License applies to websites listing one/multiple products ouf our Group. With publishing of the webpage you are accepting the license.


Feel free to list or publish our software. But you have to respect our rules:

-Show our name (LimeSoft Solutions)

-Link to our website

-You are not allowed to earn money.

-You are not allowed to list a downloader for our products or our downloader.


Also, you have to respect that the rules can change. If any big changes are happening, we can mail you. Just send us an E-Mail.


Use our Downloader

In the past, many portals listed our software. But, many portals don't look after updates by themselfes.

So, many user download old versions - inclusive exploits and old user-interfaces.

To get rid of that problem, all Software Portals/Platforms have to use our Downloader - and are not allowed to publish the direct Executeable Files.

So - how can you publish it?


We use a genius system. Download the Downloader and rename the file to add a hyphen ("-").

For example, if you want to list HearTheRadio, rename it to

"LimeSoft Downloader - HearTheRadio.exe" and upload it. If any user will download and run it, the Downloader will automatically download and install HearTheRadio.

The capitalization and the position of the hyphen does not matter.

If the programname has a whitespace (for example, HearTheRadio Simple), use it without of it (HearTheRadioSimple)


How can I see which version is actual?

LimeSoft Solutions published the Updater API for everyone.

Search programs and view the details.

Updater API


And - when not?

If we get you, your Download Portal/Platform will get an E-Mail personally from us with the request to change the file or to take our software down.

We have a 0% tolerance policy.


But - why?

We love our software and don't want the enduser to use an old version - that's all.

Respect that decision.